Thursday, November 20, 2008


Although i disagree with this interpretation of freshman, most freshman are viewed as scared and intimidated by high school. I had two freshman buddies, a boy and a girl. Both freshman seemed shy and unaware of the situation. They were already enrolled in some of the schools activities and both seemed to really like the school. Personally, i find this beneficial to the freshman because they have another voice to look up to when making decisions in high school. It's good to have advice even though you might not take it but it makes me feel good that i'm helping out in guiding the freshman. The freshman opened up throughout the conversation saying how they feel and they both had a good mind set. The unfortunate thing about this is that some seniors can influence freshman in a negative way because i remember as a freshman, there were a lot of seniors guiding me in the wrong direction but i was smart enough to know what was right and wrong.