Thursday, November 20, 2008


Although i disagree with this interpretation of freshman, most freshman are viewed as scared and intimidated by high school. I had two freshman buddies, a boy and a girl. Both freshman seemed shy and unaware of the situation. They were already enrolled in some of the schools activities and both seemed to really like the school. Personally, i find this beneficial to the freshman because they have another voice to look up to when making decisions in high school. It's good to have advice even though you might not take it but it makes me feel good that i'm helping out in guiding the freshman. The freshman opened up throughout the conversation saying how they feel and they both had a good mind set. The unfortunate thing about this is that some seniors can influence freshman in a negative way because i remember as a freshman, there were a lot of seniors guiding me in the wrong direction but i was smart enough to know what was right and wrong.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

green or not to green

John mcCain strongly beleives in depending less on foreign oil and expanding domestic ezploration.He argues that we have trillions of dollars of oil and gas reserves in th U.S, there is no reason why we should spend thta money on foreign countries.Mccain strongly believes his claen car challenge will prosper by giving a $5,000 tax credit to each customer that buys into a zero carbon emission car.He strongly engourages saving the environment and going green by investing in alternative sources of energy.-amrah

To Green or not to Green: McCain

Going green means putting environment and our future before any other issues. It is often not enough to just "care", action is imperative. It's not enough just saying it, but actually doing things that will improve our quality of life and our future. Lately, it has become somewaht of a fad to be "green" and wear shirts that have messages supporting the environment. IN reality, however, our government is doing very little to make some progress on this issue.

John McCain promises to establish a system that will curb greenhouse gas emissions, mobiliz innovative technologies and strengthen the economy. His primary goal is to introduce the "Cap and Trade Policy", in which he will set limits on greenhouse gas emissions and also encourgae the development of "low-cost compiance options". This mechanism will set a limit on greenhouse gas emissions and allow entities to buy and sell rights to emit. This mechanism allows market to decide and encourage the lowest-cost compliance options.

I do not agree with John McCain's Climate Change views. On his websitee, he doesn't really seem to care at all about the environment as much as he does about the economy. Everything he proposes is somehow connected to saving money for big companies, which he is known for. He doesn't stress exactly what we will do to protect our environment, which is suspicious. I don't think his plan will work because it doesn't put climate change before other issues. McCain also seems very vague in his plans, at least from my point of view.

Yuliya Kozachenko

To Green or not to Green- Obama

"To Green or not to Green"- a phrase to decision whether to preserve nature or to take advantage of nature; to decrease the chances of global warming or to leave it as it is. To green- is to reduce the use of fuels to save earth and our future generations. Not to green- to continue what we as people are doing and ignore the environmental issue.

Obama's plan is to go green, he believes that businesses should use advanced coal fuels instead of fossil fuels. Obama plans to use hybrid cars and use fuel- efficient cars. The cars we use and the fuel we use should be considered. Also Obama believes the reduction of oil usage would help the economy and help people with job search. I believe it would work because people rather drive than use public transportation because its more rapid.

Mary Li

to green or not to gren

Barack Obama views on the environment.

senator Obama plans to provide help fpr struggling famillies at the gas pump. He wants to help create 5 million new jobs by investing 150 billions in the next 10 years. He want in ten years to reduce the amount of oil we import from the middle East and Venezuela.

Jonathan c. Etienne

"To Green or not to Green"

Obama's Views on Going Green

Barack Obama supports the whole idea on going green and helping the environment rather than just focusing on the economic issues. Obama wants to build a clean energy future by creating five million new jobs and investing $150 billion as the effort to build a better tomorrow. Oil is a big conflict within the entire world and Obama plans to save more oil than we import. Another idea that Obama has to help build a cleaner future is to put 1 million Plug-in-Hybrid cars on the road by 2015 that are build here in America. "We are committed to getting at least 25 percent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2025". Obama wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. Aside from all the money that has been lost, Obama plants to help the country in every possible way. The "going green" issue is a big issue because what does it matter to have all the money and wealth when the earth is at stake and we could possibly die? Obama fills every aspect of the presidential position because he is targeting every possible issue that needs to be fixed.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama's view on Poverty

"There are over 37 million poor Americans." Poverty is an important issue in the society because the more poverty, the less healthy children. Although there are help for homeless and the ability to less poverty, poverty still exist which includes an increase in poverty. People are unable to support their families even if both parents work; the money goes to rent, tax, bills, and daily meals. Therefore, Obama plans to raise minimum wages to $9.50 by 2011 in order to help the families' budget. Also Obama plans to help lower and middle- class families with taxes. He plans a "$500 Making Work Pay" tax credit to reduce the amount of payment. And for seniors that makes under $50,000 per year would not have to pay for taxes. To help the seniors get around the seasons and not having to worry about starvation.
I believe Obama's idea is fair and would help solve poverty issues. However, would it be sufficient? Because there is already a large variety of poor Americans and who would help them? Especially with the economis crisis, mor people are losing jobs and product prices are increasing rapidly. More and more people are saving money rather than spending even if there is a sale. Also the plan might attract schemes thus to get money from federal government and pay less tax by faking income salaries and making false documentaries.

Mary Li

McCain'a view on Climate Change

As we all know, the biggest controversial issue is Global Warming. The greenhouse effect the use of fuel in factories are factors of the problem. McCain plans to propose a Cap and Trade system in which is a policy that would motivate business companies to reduce the use of carbon fuels. In McCain's plan he states that when ever a business corporation emits fewer fuels than the Greenhouse effect does, the business corporation would be rewarded with money. He directs the proposal to transportation fuels, big businesses, and electric power.
Personally, I think the idea would work because America is a nation full of business corporation and Americans are trying to find ways to lessen the chance of killing ourselves and earth. If McCain's proposal is passed companies would reduce the usage of fuels for money. However, where would McCain get the money in order to reward the business owners? Answer: Tax payers

Mary Li

Monday, October 27, 2008

HW 2: Obama's View on Homeland Security

Terrorism, both of foreign and domestic origin, is extremely relevant right now. After 9/11, America has never truly felt safe, but Obama believes he can change that. Obama and Biden promise to "find, disrupt and destroy al Qaeda" and to prevent nuclear terrorism. Obama also hopes to better prepare our military for 21st century threats by offering better training. Anotehr one of Obama's goals is "winning the battle of ideas" by promoting traditional American values and working with Islamic moderates to counter al Qaeda propaganda. Obama also hopes to protect our information networks better by creating a trustworthy and accountable cyber infrastructure. He will establish a cyber advisor who will report directly to the president and will prevent corporate cyber-espionage. Obama promises to develop a cyber crime strategy to minimize opportunities for criminal profit as well, which will help detect and prosecute cyber crime.
I agree with Obama's programs and especially his resiliance towards prosecuting al Qaeda.  I believe that we have not been agressive enough in our search when our nation is at such great risk. I like Obama's seriousness on the issue. It looks like he's taking national security with great concern. Terrorism is a sensitive topic for most Americans and we need a president who would help us overcome that fear by actually making progress in capturing al Quade and Bin Laden.

Yuliya Kozachenko

HW 1: McCain's on Fighting Crime

John McCain believes that fighting crime begins with supporting local and state law enforcement. His main goal is to make the federal government provide state and law inforcemtn with "support that it is uniquely able to provide". He promises to strengthen our laws against predators by fully putting the Adam Walsh Act into action, which includes lifetime registration for child sexual offenders. He backs up his ideas by saying that during his over 20 years in Congress, he has made it his priority to protect this country's children. For example, he introduced legislation to require convicted sex offenders to register with the National Sex Offender Registry. John McCain also wants to provide more federal funding for law enforcement but for programs that actually work.  McCain also stands firmly on the issue that illegal aliens have no place in our country and that those aliens who committed crimes should be deported. 
Although I agree with most of McCain's suggestions, I did not see anything on his website about how he is going to deal with city crime.  For a New York, that is a very important aspect of every day living. Although the situation is better now than before, crime in the city is still out of control.  I would have liked to see what he has to say on the issue. Again, McCain failed to relate to the urban class, in my opinion. However, those programs that he promises to implement seem decent.

Yuliya Kozachenko

Friday, October 17, 2008


Senator Barack Obama's Views on the Economy

Senator Obama said he will support tax incentive companies that will keep jobs in the U.S. He wants to renegotiate the NAFTA agreement to protect the U.S economy. He plans to tax the wealthier more than the middle class. He plans on putting more money into unemployment insurance. he wants to provide a tax cut for working families. He wants to provide 5o billion dollars to jumpstart the economy and prevent 1 million americans from losing their jobs

Jonathan c. Etienne


John McCain's View on The Economy

John McCain basically plans to help the economy by lowering the taxes. In lowering the taxes he plans on helping and giving breaks for the businesses and their investments in equipment and technology. In addition, McCain wants to establish a permanent tax credit for research and development. Although i personally dont go for McCain, I agree with his views on the economy. He is building a plan that will positively affect each and every one of us. McCain doesnt promise on raising anything or job opportunities just simply is showing a relevant idea of something that can help with the economy's progress. As stated on John McCain's website, "John McCain will act immediately to reduce the pain of high gas prices". Nowaday that is a very big issue; family and their financial predicaments. I think that in reality, almost every family within the United States of America is facing the unfair prices and being harshly affected. John McCain stated that dependence on foreign oil will come to an end. America is one of the most powerful countries in general so they should have another way to get oil. Overall we need a president that is going to make the world in which we are living a better place. By makin the world a better place is to pursue the happiness of each American Citizen.


John McCain has many ideas on helping our economy. An important issue to him is helping American families in immediate relief. He claims if he wins "Americans will have a stronger economy, a stronger dollar and a greater purchasing power for oil,gas and food."He plans to immediately lower prices at the pump by telling oil companies and speculators that foreign oil dependency will come to an end.This will have a big impact on my family and I. By lowering gas prices we will have a little extra ash to spend. Although he a;so plans to give tax breaks to big businesses which will probabaly lead to an increase in tax rates for the middle class.(that's me ) He supports lowering taxes to help small businesses.- amirah

Economics: Obama

Obama is concerned about the financial situation of regular Americans. He offers a $ 75 million dollar plan that would offer a $500 tax rebate to families and $250 SS supplement to seniors. He also offers to put more money into unemployment insurance. He would pay for this by enacting a windfall profits tax on the oil companies in order to improve financial position of the American families. Obama also wants to provide $50 million to jumpstart the economy and prevent job losses. He believes we should prevent state and local cuts in health, education and housing. But his main objective remains providing relief for middle class families (tax cut and eliminate taxes for seniors making less than $50K)
I think his plan will definitely impact me and many other Americans because the majority of us do not own large companies and are largely affected by the financial crisis. Slowing down the decrease in jobs and helping families through the crisis will most definitely attract many Americans to vote for him.
I would like Obama to set aside more attention to the student loans issue, because it matters to many of the young generation. I didn
t find anything about student loans on his website and currently that is the issue that most troubles me because I cannot go to a private college without a loan. I wish he would address that issue as well.
Yuliya Kozachenko


Recently, the economy is failing and every citizens in United State are worrying and wondering what is the next step. The banks had been calling out for citizen's money to help bail out business failures. Due the the crisis, both candidates are asked what they would do to help citizens.

Obama states that he would "...create a program to inform businesses about the benefits of flexible work schedules; help businesses create flexible work opportunities; and increase federal incentives for telecommuting. " Obama is trying to make jobs available and yet business would continue without any trouble. It would affect many young adults especially those that had graduate from college, therefore, the unemployment rate would decrease. As a result more people would have work and have a decent wage.

Mary Li

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Middle East

senator Obama views on iraq

senator Obama said that the war in iraq and in afghanistan is a major distraction to our real issues such as capturing osama bin ladin and others involved in the 9/11 attack. he said that the iraqui war has lasted longer than world war I, world war II and the civil war. More than 40,000 soldiers have died, and its because of the war that were in this economic crisis right now.

jonathan Etienne


John McCain has supported the Iraq war from the very start, and although he disagrees with Bush's recent actions, he believes we are winning and Iraq and is willing to send in more troops to solidify that "victory". He has barely changed his stance on the war since 2002, when he voted for it under President Bush. He disagrees with Obama's desire to withdraw some of the troops from Iraq.
He believes that leaving from Iraq sends al-Qaeda the message that we're giving up. It also means that we are giving up on creating a competent, trained and capabled Iraqi security force to keep peace in the region and to eventually create a working government. He thinks that we cannot withdraw troops right now because we haven't yet completed our supposed primary objective.
Yuliya Kozachenko

middle east

The war in Iraq lasted way to long. Obama and Biden agree to be "as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in." If Obama wins for President, he plans to end the war in Iraq. He plans to send troops home little by little. The removal of troops will be at a pace of one to two brigades a month, hoping to get all troops home within 16 months. Also according to Obamas plan, a residual troop will remain in Iraq to conduct "counter-targeted terrorism.
I completely agree with Obamas pln. I dont agree with war for any reason. I think negotiation will work better for this country and the world, for that matter, as opposed to violence. The only thing war did for us was cause more trouble. Innocent people were either killed or lost loved ones basically for no valid reason. I think Obama is a strong and persistant person that will make this plan work.- Amirah

Middle East

Obama's Views on Iraq/Afghanistan War

Obama pointed out the fact that this war with Iraq has been ongoing lasting longer than World War 1, Word War II, and the civil war. Because it is so continous, the country's economy is going down hill due to the fact that the United states may spend 2.7 trillion on this war. The war basically ties into many of the issues that we are facing today. Obama wants to put an end to the war and plans to do so with his 16 months troops removal plan. The removal of the troops will be at a pace of one or two brigades a month. Taking into consideration, more than 4,000 americans have died, and more than 60,000 have been injured. What is the cause of the war, and why is there still no progress? I agree with Obama because the war is demonstrating the block spot of the our country. The war is dragging the country down hill in a sense because it is triggering the economy, financial need and most important it has a negative impact on most of the citizens. In order to progress, obviously we must get rid of the war.

-Betsaida Reyes

Middle East - McCain

The most populare debate is the upcoming decision of the Iraq and Afghanistan War. Everyone knows that McCain was a prisoner of war and is a supporter of war. McCain had stated "...the United States to support the Government of Iraq to become capable of governing itself and safeguarding its people." He states that if United States drop out of the war, Iraq would be in chaos and in a crisis. McCain believes that Iraq would be lost and if we are not there for them, they would be a failure. As he stated, "Iraqis need to know that the U.S. will not abandon them..." However, if we continue the war, we as American would be in debts. The idea of continuing the war was already disagreeable and believing that we are helping the Iraqis, is unbelieveable.

Mary Li

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama's plan for Health Care

Obama states he would, "Prevent insurers from overcharging doctors for their malpractice insurance and invest in proven strategies to reduce preventable medical errors." However, the medical errors are a serious issue and it would be the doctor's fault for his/ her careless mistakes. The insurers should have the rights to charge the doctor for the wrong medical advice. But I agree with Obama when he said, "If you don’t have health insurance, you will have a choice of new, affordable health insurance options." People without health insurance for whatever reasons should have affordable insurance and should have equal help with others. In addition, Obama said he would make an national insurance program for everyone.
-Mary Li

Domestic policy

Senator McCain believes that we are a nation of equal opportunity and he believs that every child should get equal education. he believes in" no child left behind" statement. He thinks that our schools should compete and make our children work to be the most "innovative, flexible and student-centered" Senator McCain. I entirely agree with his views on education because i am a student myself i would like to get the same education as everyone else.
Jonathan c Etienne

Domestic Policy

McCains View on Healthcare - By : Betsaida Reyes

McCain suggests that healthcare be charged upon how much each family makes and that they should be responsible for their own healthcare. McCain wants to reform health care making it affordable to all the people and will used tax codes to do so. Although I am not a republican nor do i agree with their views, I completely agree with McCain's views on healthcare. If you give the nation everything, they will not work for it therefore they will turn lazy. We need a nation that is up on their feet all the time and willing to work for one another and for themselves. By McCain suggesting that government should not pay for healthcare, I agree beacause it will motivate the individual to work harder to get better health care. However, if an individual is disabled, or is not capable of working for one reason or the other, they should be provided with free healthcare and of the same quality. Usually free health care is not as good, and it is a lot more complicated. They have to wait in longer lines and the doctor's probably don't treat them the same. In most cases, the citizens have to work harder and depend on themselves and not the government like for healthcare. But that all applies to a certain extent as said before.


Obama promises that he will promote "affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare" because he believes everyone deserves a right to proper healthcare, especially children. He also believes that the costs of healthcare is the number one cause of personal bankrupcy and therefore a major problem. Obama also says that he will create a national public insurance program (for individuals and small businesses) and require all employers to contribute toward their employee's health plans. Obama promotes reducing costs of drugs for the public in order to provide an easier access to essential medicines.

I disagree with Obama's support for universal health care because it would decrease the quality of healthcare provided in hospitals. I do believe that more people should receive government-provided health insurance but it shouldn't be totally free for everyone, for the reason stated above. However, I do agree that hospitals should definitely be more efficient and accurately document their costs. It would minimize error and save the taxpayers a lot of money.

Yuliya Kozachenko

obama education

Obama's plan for education is to make education available to all children no matter what the circumstance. He wants to provide affordable and high quality child care to "ease the burden on working families." He plans on enforcing the No Child Left Behind Act and plans on improving it by funding the law. He beleives in helping schools that need improvement rather than just punishing them. I completely agree with him in this decision. I also agree with him when he plans to make math and science a national priority.I think this is very important