Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McCain'a view on Climate Change

As we all know, the biggest controversial issue is Global Warming. The greenhouse effect the use of fuel in factories are factors of the problem. McCain plans to propose a Cap and Trade system in which is a policy that would motivate business companies to reduce the use of carbon fuels. In McCain's plan he states that when ever a business corporation emits fewer fuels than the Greenhouse effect does, the business corporation would be rewarded with money. He directs the proposal to transportation fuels, big businesses, and electric power.
Personally, I think the idea would work because America is a nation full of business corporation and Americans are trying to find ways to lessen the chance of killing ourselves and earth. If McCain's proposal is passed companies would reduce the usage of fuels for money. However, where would McCain get the money in order to reward the business owners? Answer: Tax payers

Mary Li

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