Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Domestic Policy

McCains View on Healthcare - By : Betsaida Reyes

McCain suggests that healthcare be charged upon how much each family makes and that they should be responsible for their own healthcare. McCain wants to reform health care making it affordable to all the people and will used tax codes to do so. Although I am not a republican nor do i agree with their views, I completely agree with McCain's views on healthcare. If you give the nation everything, they will not work for it therefore they will turn lazy. We need a nation that is up on their feet all the time and willing to work for one another and for themselves. By McCain suggesting that government should not pay for healthcare, I agree beacause it will motivate the individual to work harder to get better health care. However, if an individual is disabled, or is not capable of working for one reason or the other, they should be provided with free healthcare and of the same quality. Usually free health care is not as good, and it is a lot more complicated. They have to wait in longer lines and the doctor's probably don't treat them the same. In most cases, the citizens have to work harder and depend on themselves and not the government like for healthcare. But that all applies to a certain extent as said before.

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