Monday, October 27, 2008

HW 2: Obama's View on Homeland Security

Terrorism, both of foreign and domestic origin, is extremely relevant right now. After 9/11, America has never truly felt safe, but Obama believes he can change that. Obama and Biden promise to "find, disrupt and destroy al Qaeda" and to prevent nuclear terrorism. Obama also hopes to better prepare our military for 21st century threats by offering better training. Anotehr one of Obama's goals is "winning the battle of ideas" by promoting traditional American values and working with Islamic moderates to counter al Qaeda propaganda. Obama also hopes to protect our information networks better by creating a trustworthy and accountable cyber infrastructure. He will establish a cyber advisor who will report directly to the president and will prevent corporate cyber-espionage. Obama promises to develop a cyber crime strategy to minimize opportunities for criminal profit as well, which will help detect and prosecute cyber crime.
I agree with Obama's programs and especially his resiliance towards prosecuting al Qaeda.  I believe that we have not been agressive enough in our search when our nation is at such great risk. I like Obama's seriousness on the issue. It looks like he's taking national security with great concern. Terrorism is a sensitive topic for most Americans and we need a president who would help us overcome that fear by actually making progress in capturing al Quade and Bin Laden.

Yuliya Kozachenko

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